An approach of substation remote cooperation fault diagnosis based on multi-agents

  • Dong Haiying, Xue Junyi
  • Published 2004 in Fifth World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (IEEE Cat. No.04EX788)


The remote cooperation diagnosis approach based on multi-agents for substation is put forward. With the aid of the widely distributed artificial intelligent systems, which are connected by Internet or Intranet, the devices, supervisory control systems, diagnosis systems, researchers and users are closely related, though they are in the individual zones. So the equipments status and diagnosis decision information are transferred quickly among them, and the dynamic diagnosis net is constructed. The cooperation mechanism and the multi-experts cooperation diagnosis are discussed in detail on the base of system structure. The multi-experts remote cooperation can be realized through multi-agents cooperation. A simulation indicates that the multi-agents diagnosis system processes better adaptability, initiative, and efficient interactive diagnosis performance, and has a bright application. It is an effective way for remote substation fault diagnosis.


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