Adaptive PID control Parameters Optimization using Trust-Region-Reflective Algorithm for pH Neutralization Process


The pH control process has been used in industry in a wide number of applications. Its dynamics are highly nonlinear. The pH control process is subjected to uncertainties of mathematical model describing the kinetics changes of chemical process and the external disturbances. The pH control process using the PID control technique will be investigated in this paper. The setting and adjustment of PID controller parameters define the behavior of PID control. Due to external disturbances and changes of the pH of an environment with time, the adjustment of the PID control parameters should respond to these changes. The simulation of the pH control process and its control are studied using pH kinetics model adopted by [1] and PID control model. PID control parameters are estimated and tuned using a trust-region-reflective optimization technique. The estimated and tuned PID parameters are fed to a pH process control. Simulation results have demonstrated, that the use of trust-region-reflective tuned PID controller, are in a good dynamic behavior of the pH process, a perfect set point tracking with little overshot, gives better performance and high robustness.


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